Best Offline Poker App Review

There’s plenty of applications to play. Below are the best of offline poker app review for playing poker without an internet connection. As we have already mentioned in some of our posts, there are not very popular off-line poker apps out there. Online poker rooms and various training tools seem to be getting all the focus, while offline poker solutions are a little on the sidelines. That said, there are still some who are working to build applications and solutions that are not based on internet play, but are designed to enjoy players alone, learning some useful lessons as they go along. We ‘re giving you a short rundown of the top offline poker app review we’ve been able to find after having done some digging.

Poker by ZMT Games Offline. Poker Offline, which is available for Android and iOS users, is an app reportedly used daily by more than one million people. This is the first offline poker app review in this article. The app blends the offline and online experience, providing an opportunity for users to play against each other, while also allowing them to enjoy poker without the internet. The app supports two of modern game variants, Omaha and Texas Hold’em, which are most common. In offline mode, this game offers players a chance to test their skills against some form of artificial intelligence. While the graphics and other specifics are pretty good, however, Poker Offline is obviously more focused on online play (despite the name), although playing against a computer does not really present a challenge to any player who is not a total beginner still learning rules.

By SG, Live Hold’em Poker Pro. The Live Hold’em Poker Pro, created by Scientific Games Interactive, is another combination of online gameplay and offline poker. Players can play in several different modes against each other (sit & go, shootout, super shootout, etc.), or test their metal against the AI. This is typically the case with these games, the artificial intelligence is not really up to the challenge, and if you play against the machine, the game can get boring very quickly. Live Hold’em Poker Pro can be enjoyable when played in a social environment, available for both iPhones and Androids, but its offline features aren’t at a particularly high level.

Giletech Online Poker at AI PokerAlfie. Giletech’s PokerAlfie represents a next step in the advancement of artificial poker intelligence, the first offline poker device that truly focuses on the standard of play. PokerAlfie doesn’t seek to get players to buy more chips or click on any advertisements without flashy graphics or any in-app purchases. The purpose of this offline poker app review is to challenge and offer poker players a run for their (virtual) money. For the fresh stack of chips, both players begin a new hand and the success is calculated by the overall profitability over the total number of hands played. The app’s currently available on both Windows and Android phones. If you’re looking for a light poker app to kill off just a few hours mindlessly, there certainly are better options. If, on the other hand, you want an app that will make you think about your choices and pose a real challenge, then the way to go is PokerAlfie. Since it is running on your typical handheld device, decisions taken by opponents of your machine are very shocking (in a good way).